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Vacuum feeder, two print units, slotter, folder-gluer with Valco gluing unit, counter-ejector. Manufactured in 1980, in production until 2012. Status: decommissioned (professionally dismantled, in storage), checked and cleaned, with new set of belts. Maximum theoretical mechanical speed (boxes/ hour) 24000 Nominal width of machine 1600 mm Nominal circumference of print cylinder 700 mm Maximum printing 635 x 1600 Maxi board thickness 8 mm Standard slotting blade thickness 6,35 mm Typical power requirement 120 KVA Minimum sheet size: 385 mm x 190 mm, maximum sheet size: 1680 mm x 635 mm

List of spares: Reconditioned anilox roll Refurbished rubber roll Refurbished feed roll A pallet of various spares consisting of stub shafts, pulleys, drive belts, pins, bushes, Shokblok spares, anvils, etc. A full set of manuals and schematic drawings for the machine and manuals for the Valco glue system.

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